About the doctor

Dr. Zaid Al Aubaidi

Dr. Zaid is a Danish Royal Board-certified pediatric orthopedic surgeon and European certified pediatric orthopedic & spine surgeon with over 10 years’ experience treating musculoskeletal issues in children. He had his fellowship at the Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto and was a visiting consultant to Switzerland, Germany, China and Iraq and registered as specialized orthopedic surgeon at the GMC of England and Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, Dubai. He has more than 24 published papers

Dr. Zaid Al-Aubaidi was born in Iraq, but now a Danish citizen. He graduated from Baghdad University, college of Medicine back in 1993. Back in Iraq, he finished his rotation as interne and then he started to practice orthopaedic surgery. He traveled to Denmark in 1998, and after passing the Danish qualification exam and have been practicing medicine since then. He finished his residency program in 2007 and had a one year fellowship in paediatric orthopedics.  Since 2009, he has been working at the Odense university hospital as a consultant orthopaedic surgeon and at the same time enjoying an academic position as an associate professor at the University of Southern Denmark.

Dr. Al-Aubaidi had active overseas activities, where he has been 3 times in Western Africa. These were missions to treat children with different conditions, but with focus on club feet. He organized many courses for the local physicians in Sierra Leona, and his aim was to create self-dependent teams to treat this condition. Besides, he had been active in organizing trips as visiting consultant to Switzerland, Germany, China and Iraq, where he held lectures and performed surgeries on children.

During 2011, He had a fellowship at the Sick Kids hospital/ Toronto, with the focus on complex spine deformities. After his fellowship, he returned to his position at the Odense University hospital of Southern Denmark. In his last position, he treated various conditions in children.

His special interest is; Paediatric spine deformity: Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis, Early Onset Scoliosis (Idiopathic, Congenital, Neuromuscular), Kyphosis (Congenital, Scheuermann), Neuromuscular spine deformity (Cerebral palsy, MMC). CP multilevel surgery (Tenotomies, Tendon transfer, Bony procedures). Paediatric hip treatment; DDH, SCFE, Perthes, Congenital Coxa vara,. Paediatric foot deformity: CTEV, halux valgus, Cavovarus. Limb deformity correction using acute correction or gradual correction using guided growth or the Ilizarov fixator.

Research wise, he has more than 20 published papers. He is the Editor of In Tech book of Orthopaedics and wrote the orthopaedic chapter of the Danish Medical book: Sygdomslaere for Sunhedsprofessionelle. Besides he is reviewer for: Ugeskrift for laeger ( the Danish Medical Bouletan), EPOS, DOS ( Danish Orthopaedic Society) , Journal of Paediatric Orthopaedics B and Journal of Children Orthopaedics.

He is an active member of the European Paediatric Orthopaedic Society (EPOS), International Congress of Early Onset Scoliosis (ICEOS), European Federation of National Associations of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (EFFORT), Danish Orthopaedic Society (DOS) and the Danish Paediatric Orthopaedic Society (DPOS).



Paediatrics Orthopaedic and Spine Surgery

Dr. Haitham Hammad

Dr. Haitham attained his Bachelor of Medicine and surgery at Al Azhar Faculty of Medicine and a master’s degree of Orthopedics Surgery Mansoura University, Egypt. In 2011, he worked as a house officer at Embaba General Hospital and Mansoura General Hospital. In 2012, he worked as a general practitioner in Egyptian Ministry of Health. He became a resident in orthopedics surgery specializing in foot, ankle and shoulder surgery in Egypt from 2013 until 2019 in many prestigious hospitals in Egypt. He also attended courses and fellowship Basic Principles of Fracture Management Course; 6Th Mansoura International Foot and Ankle Course; AO Advanced Principles of Fracture Management Course; 65th conference of Egyptian Orthopedic Association; 8Th Mansoura International Foot and Ankle Course; AO Foot and ankle Trauma Symposium; EFAS Foot and ankle Cadaveric Course; Mansoura Shoulder Cadaveric Course; Orthopedic Oncology conference; Mansoura International Foot and Ankle Course; AO Fellowship at Al Rashid Hospital, Dubai, UAE. He is also a speaker in MENA INTERNATIONAL Orthopedic CONGRESS Dubai, UAE 2019.

Unit Manager


Manager of the Pediatric Orthopedic and spine surgery Unit. Ali is a graduate of Cairo University, where he received a bachelor of commerce.

Spine Unit Nursing Manager


Catherinne is the team leader in Pediatric Orthopedic and Spine Surgery Clinic, with 10 years’ experience as a registered nurse specializing in orthopedic and pediatric orthopedic nursing for 6 years in Dubai. She worked as medical – surgical unit nurse in the Philippines for almost 3 years. She attained her bachelor’s degree of nursing in Far Eastern University, Manila in 2011. She is a certified Basic Life Support provider, Certified Advance Cardiac Life Support provider and an IV therapist nurse. She had training and skills in cast and splint care; wound care management and clinical leadership and management.

Health Care Assistant Nurse

OMNIA Elssaka

Omnia graduated in Alexandria University in Egypt. She was a medical surgical and ICU nurse for 2 years in Egypt. She came to Dubai and worked as medical surgical nurse specializing in orthopedic and spine cases. With her intensive training and skills, she plays a vital role as orthopedic nurse in Pediatric Orthopedic and Spine Surgery. She is also a certified Basic Life Support Provider and Arabic speaking nurse.

Registered Nurse

Nessa Mae Gargollo

Nessa attained her bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Western Mindanao State University, Philippines. She is a certified Registered Nurse in the Philippines, Dubai Health Authority, Health Authority of Abu Dhabi and Texas, USA. With almost 10 years of experience and education in prevailing nursing practices, Nessa is a Certified Basic Life Support provider, Certified Advance Cardiac Life Support provider and Certified Pediatric Advance Life Support provider. She attended a Customer Service Excellence Training in 2017 and Certified Wound Specialist Course focusing on Wound Care Management last February 2020.

Nursing Assistant


A nursing graduate from one of the best nursing colleges in Philippines,Unciano Colleges of the Philippines. He started as a trainee in a big private hospital in Philippines for 3 years, which with such extensive experience, e.g casting, attending to emergency cases, assisting minor operations, to name a few, he managed to continue his nursing career here in UAE. He worked in Al Zahra Hospital for 5 years, specializing in orthopedic nursing.

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